Each May third graders from Wilson Elementary visit the Gridley Museum to learn about their town and how the town began.

Director Ruthann King had the help of volunteer Groverlee Dahl, a retired school teacher this week as each class came to visit.

Dahl had compiled information for ten different stations for teams of students to visit and report what on the history they found.

Instructions read, “This is NOT a race or a competition but you will want to have the best answers when you get back to class and share with your class.”

The first station is located at the Pioneer Family display where students are given words to understand such as mustache cup, diversified farming, dairy, family tree and egg money. Students are asked to name the three crops the Shaeffer family grew.

Station Two is history on Libby, McNeil & Libby Cannery such as the two products that were canned at the 24 hour a day cannery.

Both stations of course included numerous photographs for the children to enjoy along with old artifacts.

Having this exercise for future classes to complete when visiting will be a real bonus next school year when the students come to visit.

The Gridley Museum is open Tuesday – Friday 10 a.m., - 2 p.m. Call 846-4482 for more information.