A special preview was held last week as Wilson Elementary students were able to see first-hand what is in store for them with a brand new library available to them before school, during their lunch period and after school for homework and to check out a book to read.

The Gridley Elementary School's PTA provided a colorful carpet for the children to enjoy along with flexible seat options in the reading area with the words, “Dream, Read, Create,” above them in big bold letters.

The “Maker Space” area comes with ideas to research and actually build a project in the library, a place to checkout books and perform the research and make their dreams come alive through the use of Ipads and a 3D printer from Chromebook to be able to have an actual plastic re-creation of their project.

Wilson Principal Tracey Allen said the children are in awe of what they will be able to accomplish.

It has been many years since Wilson School has housed a library and another special feature is the inclusion of 19 California missions on display in order of Father Sera's travels which can all be lit at the same time.

The collection has been housed in the teacher's lounge for many years since being donated and now the display is out for the children to enjoy, especially the fourth graders who study the missions each year.

Each classroom will do research component in the library but it is up to the individual teachers how they facilitate the project.

The library contains a non fiction and fiction section alphabitized by author's name.

There are 20 Ipads in a cart for the students to use in the library during classroom checkout time.

Alison Wagner of Butte County Office of Education was very instrumental in getting the library set up along with Librarian Carrie Heyrend.

Heyrend will especially enjoy the wireless scanner thru the Follett Computer System for checking the books out from anywhere in the room rather than having to stand behind a computer.

It is an exciting time for Wilson students as they learn how to locate books, perform research and complete their projects.