On Monday, October 12, 2015 the Gridley Unified School District will become only the second school district in California to hold its own CUE Rock Star Camp Black Label. Computer Users in Education (CUE) is the premier technology training organization in California which inspires innovative learners by fostering community, personalizing learning, infusing technology, developing leadership, and advocating educational opportunities for all.

CUE is a nonprofit educational corporation founded in 1978. CUE's goal is to inspire innovative learners in all disciplines from preschool through college. With an active current membership of thousands of educational professionals, CUE supports many regional affiliates and Learning Networks. CUE Conferences are California’s preeminent educational technology events. CUE is the largest organization of its type in the west and one of the largest in the United States.


This all-day “camp” is about changing education through technology, building an ever expanding group of educators who want to lead and use technology in deep, meaningful ways that create truly transformational, pedagogical experiences for the students they work with. CUE Rock Star Camp is also built for educators to socialize in the context of connecting these inspired educators throughout California and beyond.


The CUE Rock Star Camp, which seeks a balance between structure and social learning, will start with morning "Shred Sessions", where the Rock Star Faculty literally "sing for their supper" and try to attract the attendees to their sessions. The result is a much more entertaining way to choose the two sessions teachers will attend throughout the day.


CUE Rock Star Camp also purposely limits the attendees' comprehensible input to TWO - 2 HOUR sessions for the day. This prevents the "info glut" that teachers can experience in some professional learning settings and also allows attendees enough time to gain actual skills during their sessions. These new skills can be deployed on an immediate basis when they return to the classroom the next day.


Daily social time is built into the schedule, before the first session and during the long "un-conference" style lunch. During the two-hour lunch session, faculty and attendees carry on deep conversations and flesh out ideas that change teaching and learning. CUE Rock Star is about the powerful "what if" conversations that happen after sessions that carry on long after the event is over. CUE Rock Star Camp session leaders and attendees should also expect to add very rich and exciting personalities to their personal learning network, whether via email, Twitter, Voxer, or any other web 2.0 collaboration tool.


There will be a total of 8 sessions to choose from with the four CUE Learning Leaders from around Northern California and our own four GUSD CUE Rock Stars presenting their two-hour session once in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Presenting workshops and representing GUSD will be Sandra Allen, First Grade at McKinley Primary, Laurie York, Fourth Grade at Wilson Elementary, Liz Ayon, English/Language Arts at Sycamore Middle School and Gary Story, Social Studies at Gridley High School.