The benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom are endless and the Gridley Unified School Board recognizes this as they continue to fill classrooms with Chromebooks and the carts that hold and charge them overnight.

New carts, or COWS as they are referred to, are in place at Wilson School for not only easy storage but to recharge them every night.

Once the students are done with them in a day, the Chromebooks, which are each engraved with the school's name thanks to the Gridley High FFA Laser Technology Digital Printer are hooked up to individual chargers so that they are ready to go in the morning.

Each COW has a lock on it so that only the teacher can access the Chromebooks.

Teachers are able to check the students' work simply by clicking on their document and can even leave a comment to help.

During the editing and revision time of documents being created, students can access each other's documents to offer opinions or help.

As displayed last year at Wilson Elementary, Chromebooks are used for digital storytelling whether it be for book reviews or reports, research projects or even Google Docs which are used for personal narratives or fiction stories.

Google Maps and Google Earth are very popular area where students can not only create their own projects but on Google's Gmail they can converse with students their own age in many different countries to compare similar projects they are working on possibly on the same subject.

Wilson School's Principal Tracey Allen was anxious for this school year especially because there are so many new and exciting things going on.

Another exciting addition for the second through fifth graders is a library now located in the main building after many years without one.

Allen gives much of the Credit to Butte County Office Of Education Director of Library Services Allison Wagner who was instrumental in accumulating the books and teachers at Wilson who have worked hard this summer to prepare their classrooms for 21st century learning opportunities for our students."

A new playground structure is in place for the enjoyment of the students.

Gridley Elementary School's PTA came on Tuesday and planted flowers in the flower boxes, just in time for the new school year.