Former Marysville Reserve Police Officer Jared Michael Tomlinson, 30, was sentenced to state prison for two years and four months in Butte County Superior Court last Thursday on three felony counts after being found guilty of sexually molesting a Gridley teenage boy in the mid-2000's.

He was ordered to pay $11,749.22 restitution to the victim's family and will have to register as a sex offender.

Tomlinson was placed on administrative leave following his arrest in April of 2013. The department terminated Tomlinson's employment following his conviction in Butte County Superior Court.

The sentencing was based on letters of support that were sent on letterhead from the Marysville Police Department and Lake Shastina Police, his former employers.

The City of Gridley's Attorney Brant Bordsen addressed the judge and the courtroom stating, “I didn't know I was going to speak, but I will.”

Bordsen stated that though the defendant might have been naïve, he used the words “integrity, honesty and hard work,” to describe Tomlinson.

“He is not a danger or a threat to society,” the Marysville Attorney stated.

Many members of of the family of the victim and friends filled the courtroom and photography for media was not permitted in the courtroom.

The victim's mother gave a victim impact statement verbally to Judge Robert Glusman stating that though Tomlinson claimed throughout the trial that the sex was consensual, her son was just an eighth grader at the time.

The victim, who was 24 years of age in January when he testified in court, stated that Tomlinson had molested him two to three times per week beginning in 2003 while he was in middle school continuing through high school.

The case came to light when the victim admitted to his former wife in 2011 that he had been molested between 2004 and 2006 by Tomlinson who was then 19 years-of age attending the police academy and lived at the victim's family home near West Liberty Road beginning in 2003.

The victim's ex-wife told the victim's mother who asked her son to confirm the accusation that led to an argument between the mother and the defendant in March of 2013 when he apologized to her.

Initially charged with six felonies, the jury found Tomlinson guilty of three; oral copulation of a person under 16, sodomy of a person under 16 and attempted sodomy of a person under 16.