Orsua & Byrne Productions put another great night of fights in the books over the weekend.

By far the most talked about fight heading into the evening was Johnny Terry defending his title against opponent Jesse Davis. Terry came out strong, landing some powerful blows and eventually taking Davis to the ground. Unfortunately for Terry, Davis was able to take advantage of being on his back. Around the one-minute mark in the first round, Davis slipped Terry into triangle. Terry—unable to escape—was forced to submit, and Davis (2-1) was crowned the new Nor Cal Combat Flyweight Champion.

While a fight in the crowd distracted a number of fans from the one taking place inside of the cage, the co-main event between Team Byrne’s Thomas Graham and Kristen Costa out of Yuba City was definitely one of the more exciting brawls of the night. The match was full of heavy hits and a ton of slamming to the ground. After going the full three rounds, the judges declared Costa the winner by unanimous decision. Costa (4-0) dedicated the match to his father who passed away earlier this year and said that Graham was by far his toughest opponent yet.

The only TKO of the night came in the women’s bout between Brooke Mayo and Gabi Rios. Mayo dominated Rios for one and a half rounds, eventually taking it to the mat for some ground and pound action. The ref eventually called the match midway through the second round, handing Mayo a win in her MMA debut.

Biggs’ Michael Torres was eager to get back in the ring after his previous fight at NCC VIII was declared a draw. His opponent, NCC newcomer Lance LaPlant, was just as eager however. The majority of the match took place on the ground, with LaPlant in the dominant position. The judges declared LaPlant the winner after three rounds via unanimous decision.

The Fight of the Night award came in the second match of the evening, in a bout between Sergio Rico and Mike Lapizco. Rico and Lapizco went toe-to-toe for the first three minutes of the fight, but Rico eventually got the upper hand. Rico spent the majority of the third round punishing Lapizco from the top position.

In the first match of the night, Josh Bates won by unanimous decision over Kyle Gothan.

TJ Kuller was victorious over Chris Marinelli in a middleweight matchup.

In the bantamweight fight between Rocky Golden and Jose Chavez, Chavez was able to get Golden to submit after just 26 seconds into the match.

Tyler Holbrook pulled out a surprise win over Santino Valdez. Valdez was just seconds away from getting Holbrook to tap in the first round, but in the end it was Valdez who would tap. Holbrook got the win via a rear-naked choke midway through Round 2.

The welterweight fight between Jon Morris and Casey Rubinoff was mostly a boxing match, but Rubinoff pulled out the win in a split decision. 

All in all, Nor Cal Combat put on another great night of fights, and they definitely left fans excited for the next event!