Following the National Anthem sung by senior Ryan King, seniors awards were presented Wednesday, May 28 for Gridley High School graduating seniors for the following students:

Alexander Isaacson – Letter/Insert

Alexander Isaacson - Salutatorian

Alexis Duran – Concilio Mexicano

Angelica Farfan – Faith In the Future

Angelica Farfan – CSF Life Member

Angelica Farfan – Quota Club Progressive

Austin Leen – Cash for College

Beatrice Villegas – Farm Labor Scholarship

Bianca Guerrero – Letter/Insert

Dallin Havens – Kaleidoscope Art Award – Vocal Music

Danielle Dowell – Faith In the Future

Danielle Dowell – Letter/Insert

Dominic Winfrey – Kaleidoscope Art Award- Instrumental Music

Earlisha Lang – Bloodsource

Emery Haddy – Letter

Emery Haddy – GHS Athlete/Bulldog of the Year

Emery Haddy – Chico Enterprise Record Scholar Athlete of the Year

Emily Andes  - Knights of Columbus

Emily Andes – Gurdev & Satinder Thiara

Emily Andes – Kaleidoscope Scholarship

Emily Andes – Kaleidoscope Art Award -Dance

Emily Andes – Kiwanis Academic

Emily Andes – Larry Mattos

Emily Andes – Letter

Emily Andes – GHS Parent Club

Emily Andes – Quota Club Progressive

Emily Andes – Gridley Rotary

Emily Morgan – Faith in the Future

Emily Morgan – John K Orme

Emily Morgan – Kaleidoscope

Emily Morgan – Letter/Insert

Emily Morgan – North Butte Masonic

Erika Ramos – Letter/Insert

Erika Ramos – Farm Labor Scholarship

Gilberto Guerrero – Letter/Insert

Gilberto Guerrero – Principals Award

Heriberto Perez – Concilio Mexicano

Hope Bledsoe - Salutatorian

Hunter Lockhart - Marines

Hunter Lockhart – Faith In the Future

Hunter Lockhart – Kaleidoscope

Hunter Lockhart – Larry Mattos

Hunter Lockhart – Tim Brumley

Hunter Lockhart – Woodrow & Elsie Cooper

Hunter Lockhart – Marines- Musical Excellence Award

Ilze Mojica – Vice Principals Award

Jacqulyn Rodriguez – Gridley Guardian Scholarship

Jairo Tena – Letter

Jairo Tena – Tri Counties Bank

Jocelyn Rodarte  - Angelo Gueglio Athletic Memorial

Jocelyn Rodarte – Faith in the future

Jocelyn Rodarte – Gridley Education Foundation

Jocelyn Rodarte – Gridley Womens Club

Joceyln Rodarte – Kiwanis Vocational

Juan Magana – Marines-Distinguished Male Athlete Award

Kaelin Rice – Faith in the Future

Kaelin Rice – Letter/Insert

Kaelin Rice – VFW

Kelsey Cunha – Kaleidoscope Art Award - Drama

Kimberly Monarrez – Letter/Insert

Kimberly Monarrez - Salutatorian

Kimberly Monarrez – GailMcMurtry Lucas Memorial

Kimberly Monarez – Gridley Rotary

Kimberly Monarez – Arnoldo Avalos “Aspire”

Mackenzie Naylor – Butte County CattleWomen

Mackenzie Naylor – Butte County Farm Bureau

Mackenzie Naylor – EE Dunning Memorial

Mackenzie Naylor – Gurdev & Satinder Thiara

Mackenzie Naylor – Letter/Insert

Mackenzie Naylor – Gridley Rotary

Makenzie Thomas – American Legion

Makenzie Thomas – Faith in the Future

Makenzie Thomas – Kaleidoscope

Makenzie Thomas – Letter/Insert

Makenzie Thomas – North Butte Masonic

Makenzie Thomas – GHS Parent Club

Makenzie Thomas – Quota Club Progressive

Makenzie Thomas – Gridley Rotary

Makenzie Thomas – Women of the Moose

Makenzie Thomas – Womens Club

Margaret Hepworth – Marines – Scholastic Excellence Award

Margaret Hepworth – Valedictorian

Margaret Hepworth – CSF Life Member

Margaret Hepworth – Kaleidoscope Art Awards – Instrumental Music

Margaret Hepworth – Kaleidoscope

Margaret Hepworth – Letter/Insert

Margaret Hepworth –  California Dept. of Education Mathematics Council

Margaret Hepworth – Gridley Rotary

Maria Torres – Arnoldo Avalos “Aspire”

Maria Torres – Gridley Education Foundation

Maria Torres – Kiwanis Key Club

Maria Torres – Letter/Insert

Maria Torres – Women of the Moose

Mariela Jimenez - Salutatorian

Mariela Jimenez – Marines – Distinguished Female Athlete Award

Mariela Jimenez – Concilio Mexicano

Mariela Jimenez – Delmar “Red” & Francis King Memorial

Mariela Jimenez – GTA

Mariela Jimenez – Letter/Insert

Mariela Jimenez – Gridley Rotary

Mariela Jimenez – VFW

Mariela Jimenez – Farm Labor Scholarship

Megan Anthony – Army – Female Scholar Athlete

Megan Anthony – GHS Athlete/Bulldog of the Year

Megan Anthony – Chico Enterprise Record Scholar Athlete of the Year

Megan Anthony – Letter/insert

Megan Anthony – CSF Life Member

Megan Anthony – Xi Gamma Sigma

Mikaela Ponciano – Tri Counties Bank

Monica Valle – Faith in the Future

Monica Valle – DAR Good Citizenship Recognition

Monica Valle - Salutatorian

Monica Valle – Knights of Columbus

Monica Valle – Letter/Insert

Monica Valle – Xi Gamma Sigma

Noemi Ruiz – Kaleidoscope Art Award- Visual Art

Paola Mota – Jeanne Hart Memorial

Paola Mota – Knights of Columbus

Paola Mota – Gridley Lions Club

Rebecca Ryan – Letter/Insert

Rebecca Ryan – Kaleidoscope Art Award – Creative Writing

Renae Gibson – Faith in the Future

Robert Keene – Letter/Insert

Ryan King – Faith in the Future

Ryan King – Kaleidoscope

Ryan King – Knights of Columbus

Sandra Angulo – Letter/insert

Sandra Dreesmann – Faith in the Future

Sandra Dreesmann – Letter

Shahabal Khan – Army –Male Scholar Athlete

Taylor Harrison – Kaleidoscope

Taylor Harrison – Women of the Moose

Thomas Littlefield – Faith in the Future

Thomas Littlefield – Woodrow & Elsie Cooper

Thomas Littlefield – Letter

Thomas Littlefield – Gridley Moose

Valeria Miranda – Farm Labor Scholarship

Vanessa Ramirez – Faith in the Future

Vianette Rodriguez – Faith in the Future

Vianette Rodriguez – Letter/Insert

Vianette Rodriguez - Salutatorian