The saying, 'what goes around, comes around,' could easily be stated in regard to Amy Burgess and the wonderful job she does as Animal Control Officer for the Cities of Gridley and Biggs.

It was a few years ago when Burgess was called out to help a homeowner catch some rabbits in her yard.

This homeowner's daughter was visiting and never forgot the great service they received and left a very generous gift for the City's Animal Shelter when she died of cancer in 2009.

The $10,000 gift went a long way towards the $25,000 purchase of a 2014 Ford pickup that Burgess now drives and she is grateful every day for the difference this larger vehicle makes.

Burgess couldn't believe the department's luck when the City received a letter regarding the donation.

The police department had been earmarking money for the purchase of a new vehicle for the past eight years.

Not only does she have more room for the dogs, Burgess has more storage room and more compartments to carry items such as raccoon traps, which she would normally have to go back to the shelter for.

The 2000 model that Burgess has driven the past seven years since starting in 2007 is now being used by the City's Public Works Department for the parks replacing their 1970's Toyota.

The new pickup has the police department's new graphics, which will be seen on the patrol cars soon.

“The previous ACO truck lasted 14 years, so I am pleased with the police department’s efficient use of the vehicle for so many years. We try to make any vehicle in our department’s fleet last seven years. The new truck is more practical for the local use in Biggs and Gridley. Also, the animal carrier is safer and allows for a very humane transport of animals collected. We are quite grateful to the donor and the citizens we serve for the assets they provide,” stated Gridley-Biggs Police Chief Dean Price.