After nearly three decades serving as Butte County’s Clerk-Recorder and Chief Elections Official, Candace Grubbs still feels there is much to be accomplished.

Grubbs is seeking re-election in June’s Primary Election. Her sole opponent is Pamela Teeter.

Grubbs was first elected to the office in 1986 and has developed a deep passion for her role, which she believes is the “Protector of Persons and Property.” The County Clerk-Recorder is responsible for maintaining, preserving, and protecting the public’s records including vital records, claims, deeds, and judgments.

Grubbs has since worked tirelessly to improve the department, making it one of the most innovated and technologically advanced. She believes that public access to records is critical and seeks to ensure that official records are open, accessible, and preserved for future generations.

One of the things Grubbs is most proud of is the amount of information accessible through the department’s website, which she is determined to continually improve.

With the help of her staff, Grubbs has directed multiple projects to increase public access in the Recorders’ Division—digitizing and reviewing over 3.65 million pages of recorded documents. She and her staff have converted nearly 228,000 birth, death, and marriage records to images.

One of Grubbs’ goals for the next four years include the restoration of records, including government and election records, mining claims, water rights, and other county history. Her office is in the process of converting documents and indices from 1850 onward for easier public access.

Grubbs would like to continue improving services to be public—such as performing civil marriage ceremonies. She believes this will happen when the Hall of Records, a facility for both the Clerk-Recorder and Elections Divisions, becomes a reality.

She notes that the County Clerk-Recorders office is fully funded by fees for service, but she strives to keep fees as low as possible. Grubbs frequently makes her way to Sacramento, where she represents the citizens of Butte County at Legislative meetings by fighting legislation that would impose fees for which the people of Butte County would not benefit.

As the Chief Elections Official from Butte County, Grubbs oversees all Federal, State, and local elections in Butte County. Since occupying the office, Grubbs has overseen 26 major elections and 43 special elections. In the last four years alone, Grubbs’ office has handled 26 state propositions, 13 local measures, and 618 candidates on the ballot. Her office has trained an estimated 2370 poll workers in just the last four years.

She says she is committed to ensuring that all elections are conducted with integrity and that voters have equal access to voting. Grubbs wants to ensure that voters have confidence in the system and vote with the knowledge that every vote will be counted accurately.

Grubbs says that she is very proud to have been elected to her position and asks for the continued support of the people of Butte County on June 3.