Parker Browning was born December 9, 2011.  He instantly became the ham of the family and has been able to light up the room with his smile and heart-felt laugh   In the summer of 2012, Parker’s jovial disposition began to change; as he showed signs of being tired and irritable.  In August, he started having noticeable seizure clusters. Parker could have three or more seizures in a cluster and also the clusters were very frequent.  After plenty of tests and collective frustration, he was diagnosed with “Infantile Spasms” by his amazing neurologist, Dr. Asaikar.

He was put on a medication called “Sabril” and the seizures stopped.  Several months later, the “Sabril” was stopped and everything was looking up for Parker.  Then on Halloween 2013, the family noticed he started having a different type of seizure.  They took Parker back to Sutter Memorial Hospital Sacramento in his pirate costume and all.  The trip prompted more testing including another EEG and MRI.  Meanwhile Parker continued to seize.  It was at this point, Parker was diagnosed with “Cortical Dysplasia Type 2,” a malformation of the brain.

After several unsuccessful trials of medication, it has been determined that Parker will have to undergo major brain surgery at Oakland Children’s Hospital.  A team of doctors will be overseeing the care of Parker. If surgery goes as planned they will remove the cortical dysplasia near the center of his brain hoping to make Parker seizures controllable with medication. If surgery is ineffective Parker will most like be facing a hemispherectomy (removal of one side of brain.)

To help with costs of the family going back and forth to Oakland Children’s Hospital, and to help pay some of the medical expenses not covered by insurance, several teachers in Biggs who have taught Parker’s dad, aunt and sister, are now preparing for a Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction at Biggs Elementary Cafeteria on April 4th from 5-8 p.m.  Teachers urge you to save the date and donate any items you think would be good for the silent auction.  More information will come as April nears, but since this is such a critical fundraiser, we hope for a good turn out.  Anyone wishing to donate an auction item, make a cake, pie or cookies for the dessert table or help with the dinner can call Grove @ 846-3190 or Janet @868-1722.

Parker and his family sincerely welcome positive thoughts and prayers to help get through this extremely difficult time.  In addition, please keep the medical professionals entrusted with his unique level of care in your thoughts and prayers.

Parker is the son of Paul and Angel Browning and has a sister who attends Biggs Kindergarten.