A new Pearl Harbor monument stands in the Gridley-Biggs Cemetery Military Court of Honor in honor of those who lost their lives on December 7, 1941. For those who braved the bitter cold Saturday morning, a fitting tribute was given by the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Ladies Auxiliary and the Military Court of Honor Committee. A small round table was set with meaningful artifacts depicting Pearl Harbor and explained during the ceremony dedicated to fallen shipmates when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. Veteran Ed Kawasaki explained that the red rose signified the blood the fallen shipmates shed, a crystal glass of water to quench their thirst for freedom and salt to remind those in attendance of the pain they feel lest we forget them. "The china is bone white as is the purity of their hearts and sacrifices. This, on a white linen tablecloth that could be used as a clean bandage for their wounds. We take this time to remember them. The place we set for them this day, is a special place. As is the place we hold for them in our hearts, our minds, and our Navy," Kawasaki stated. The new monument includes a bell which was rung twice marking the end of the routine day aboard a ship, followed by taps which would sound throughout the ship. Gridley residents Homer Lane and Vere Gardner, both Pearl Harbor survivors, were present to accept gratitude and well wishes of their family and friends as they held small American flags in their hands. Both stood and told where they were the infamous day. Lane, 91, stated he was on the USS Farragut and Gardner, 90, was at the Marine Barracks when he saw the Japanese pilot's features as he flew overhead. Kawasaki asked the audience, "When you leave here today, I wish you would share with your children and grandchildren what this day means." Lynne Spencer of the Ladies Auxiliary assisted Kawasaki in the ceremony and Bill Hohnan read the invocation and ended with "We are proud to call them our own. Spencer read, "Let us offer a silent prayer for our departed shipmates. This moment of reverence we dedicate to the memory of our shipmates who have gone before us."