Now that fall is here and the leaves are falling off the trees, the City of Gridley occasionally gets calls from citizens asking if it is “okay” to sweep or blow leaves off their property and into the street. After all, we are told the city does have a street sweeper that sweeps the streets! Well, not quite! The sweeper is used to clean the streets but is not utilized enough to remove all those leaves. Like any business, the City has to prioritize limited funds to cover all the expenses to run the government and the City cannot run the street sweeper 24/7! The City has a lot of nice, mature trees—and annually, mountains of leaves as a result. Additionally, the Municipal Code clarifies that litter on a property is the property owner’s (or the person occupying) responsibility to clean up: 8.04.370 - Sweeping, blowing, placing or using any other method to deposit litter into streets prohibited. It is unlawful for any person to sweep, blow, place or use any other method to deposit in any gutter, street or other public place within the city, the accumulation of litter from any building or lot. Persons owning or occupying property shall keep the sidewalk in front of their premises free of litter.(Ord. 771-2007, 2; Ord. 701-2000, 1 (part)) Waste Management has agreed to extend the “leaf season” (normally beginning October 1 of each year and ending November 30 of each year) to December 20 of this month; meaning the Company, at the request of a residential customer and at no additional cost to the customer, will provide three additional Green Waste Carts. If extra green waste bins are needed, you can contact Waste Management at (530) 893-8053. Please help the City keep the streets clean and the drains clear.