Victim still recovering from fractured skull

A Bakersfield man was sentenced to 4 years in state prison for attacking a coworker with a wrench in the oilfields near Derby Acres in early September.

Michael Ralph Atkison had earlier pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon for attacking Bobby Fitts, causing an open skull fracture that the victim is still recovering from.

Fitts is reportedly undergoing speech therapy.

Both men worked for PCL.

Atkison, 46, fled the scene of the Sept. 3 attack in a stolen truck.

He abandoned the truck several miles away and was found late in the afternoon on the Buena Vista Golf Course.

Atkison has been held on $100,000 bail since he was arrested a second time after skipping a court appearance.

He was sentenced on Friday morning in Lamont branch of Kern County Superior Court.