Working at the same hospital for 35 years means many different titles before one's name over the years. When named Employee of the Month in August 2009, Judi Kinney was the Director of Hovlid Community Care Center, the Assistant Director of Nursing and Med-Surg Supervisor. Kinney has worked at Biggs-Gridley Memorial Hospital since 1978 when she was hired as an LVN. She entered the Regency Program through New York in 1991 and received her RN license in one year. Kinney's mother, Doris Brown, was an RN at BGMH for over 25 years. Brown started at BGMH shortly before her daughter, retiring three times, the last time in the late 1990's. Kinney has also worked in Discharge Planning and Utilization Review Discharge and planning. “This part of my job keeps me in contact with all of the residents in Hovlid and patients in BGMH. That is what I enjoy,” she stated when named Employee of the Month. “I love all the interaction with the staff, the patients and residents. No one person can get this job done. It has to be from admissions to discharge,” Kinney stated in 2009. She has worked in every department except surgery in the 35 years she has worked at BGMH. The past year she has worked at the hospital's Medical Specialty Center and most recently back in Med-Surg doing what she loves most, helping the patients. “My job is rewarding because every day is a challenge. I deal with issues every day, whether it be with staff, patients, residents, physicians, you name it,” she stated. Now that she has retired, Kinney said she will miss the patients and the staff, reflecting on the many people she has worked with over the years. She will now have more time for reading, her favorite past time. Reading a book a day is nothing for this avid reader. She will now have more time to spend with her 13 grandchildren and looks forward to starting Sunday family dinners once again, a tradition she had with her mom.