From the time that 1960s vehicles entered the track that surrounds the Live Oak Lions’ football field, you could already tell that Friday’s fall football game was going to be unusual. The 1960s vehicles were the procession for Live Oak High’s Homecoming Night. The weather provided chilly temperatures, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the Lions fans during the Homecoming ceremonies. After the Homecoming ceremonies, it was time to play football. The Live Oak Lions hadn’t played at home in nearly a month due to a bye week, followed by two away games. Both of those games resulted in runaway losses: a 41-8 loss to Willows and a 56-12 loss to Trinity. The Lions hoped to get back on the winning track by beating Mount Shasta at home, with their Homecoming crowd cheering them on. However, Live Oak and Mount Shasta would have to overcome a very wet and muddy football field during the game. Even one spectator joked that Live Oak had rain for two days straight, but it only rained on the football field. The first half of the game was mostly unproductive, with each team scoring only one time in the half. The Lions scored a touchdown in the first quarter via a 64 yard touchdown pass from Tony Arellano to Jevin Cheema. The following PAT was good. In the second quarter, the Bears of Mount Shasta made their score when they made a touchdown with only 1.7 seconds left in the half. With a made PAT, the teams went to the locker rooms in a 7-7 tie. You should never judge a book by its cover, and after the second half of this game, it became clear you could never judge a game of football by one half. The third quarter was filled with action and temper. Live Oak began the second half scoring when Cheema ran in for a 2 yard touchdown. The successful PAT gave the Lions a 14-7 lead. At this point, the tempers began to flare in the ball game. There were a few possessions where guys on both sides were continuing to be physical after plays were called dead. The height of these tempers reached their boiling points when Mount Shasta fumbled the ball, which was returned by Arellano of Live Oak for a touchdown. The play resulted in some kicking and fighting, resulting in the referees issuing both teams a strict warning and even ejecting a Mount Shasta player. Both teams directed their anger towards performing plays on the football field. The hits kept coming, including one that knocked off a player’s football helmet, but most of the action came in the form of scoring. Jonathan Clemens of the Bears made the next score by way of a touchdown, which was followed by a good PAT. The Lions struck back with a 19 yard pass touchdown from Arellano to Matt Evans, giving the Lions 28 points after a successful PAT. The scoring didn’t stop there as Elijah Chapman of the Bears ran a kickoff return all the way back to the end zone for a score. However, the Bears failed a two-point conversion. The fourth quarter, while it began with the Lions holding a 28-20 lead, was completely controlled by the Bears. The Bears began their run with a 90 yard touchdown from Chapman. The Bears attempted a two-point conversion and were unsuccessful, keeping the Lions in the lead. However, the Bears took the outright lead when Cesar Gonzalez caught a 42 yard touchdown pass. The PAT was good, giving the Bears a 33-28 lead. The Bears would seal the win when Chapman intercepted a Live Oak pass and returned it for a touchdown for a pick 6. The PAT was no good, but that didn’t matter as the Bears beat the Lions on Homecoming Night 39-28 in a game filled with anger, big hits, and a galore of penalty flags. The Lions will try to end their losing streak at home next week when they play against Pierce.