A contract in the amount of $624,000 was approved to Franklin Construction at Monday night's Gridley City Council meeting for the long-awaited Hazel Street project. Three bids were received ranging all the way to $724,000 according to City Engineer Bruce Nash. Nash told Council members that the process will begin once the contractor has been notified and returned the approved contract within two weeks. “They will have 36 months to complete the project. They can start right way but they need dry weather for paving so it could be decided to wait til spring," Nash stated. When council members were told that the project included grading the street itself, Councilman Owen Stiles commented on the condition of the street and how that would certainly help. When City Administrator Rob Hickey asked if Council members wanted to give direction to start soon or wait until early spring, Councilman Stiles suggested moving forward. Councilwoman Jerry Fichter spoke up for the downtown businesses when she stated the business owners would prefer it to start in the spring rather than have the streets ripped up for the Christmas holiday shopping season. Direction was given to begin the work right away despite Councilwoman Fichter's concerns expressed. In other action items, Council members approved a Renewable Transfer Agreement between Northern California Power Agency and the City of Gridley which enables the transfer of CVP REC's to NCPA Project Participants or members