In a standing room only crowd, Mike Wacker from the State of Jefferson Commission discussed the benefits and challenges from withdrawing from California to the members of the Butte County Republican Party. “The size of the state is too unmanageable” says Wacker “Other counties including Modoc and Siskiyou have made their declarations, and we are diligently working to have it brought to the Butte County Board of Supervisors” The Butte County Republican Party unanimously has approved the withdrawal and will be encouraging our Board of Supervisors to discuss and ultimately pass a similar declaration as our fellow northern counties have done. “California has been headed down the wrong path for several decades” says Chairman Michael Zuccolillo “Sacramento continues to pass bills that restrict our way of life here in the north state, whether it’s the illegal fire tax, transgender bathrooms, or over-reaching environmental laws, we have had enough” “While the idea may be bold and extreme to some, it represents the discontent we feel up here. The idea of withdrawal isn’t new and if it wasn’t for the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942 we may very well have had a new state” There have been several attempts in addition to the State of Jefferson proposition, including a proposal by then Assemblyman Stan Statham to break the state into 3 states. The most recent State of Jefferson movement appears to share a broader acceptance than in the past.