Tonight's meeting of the Yreka Planning Commission signals what may be the arrival of a Starbucks in Yreka, as the commission decides whether or not it will approve a Sign Use Permit exemption for the business.
According to the attending documents, the permit application requests permission to install a 45-foot-high sign with the Starbucks logo at 1805 Fort Jones Road under an exception to city codes regulating the allowable square footage for a pole sign and the content of a sign that is not pertinent to the land on which it is located.
The applicant for the permit, Best Development Group of Sacramento, was contacted Tuesday, but representative Jan Snyder reported that agreements are still being sought and that the company does not yet have a comment regarding the proposed business.
In a document prepared by city staff, it is recommended that the permit be approved, and it is noted that the sign will feature space for a possible future tenant in an adjacent parcel.