On Sunday October 06, 2013, at approximately 11:26 PM, a Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy observed 28 year old Chico resident Rodney James Mills driving in the area of East Lassen Avenue and Godman Avenue in Chico. The Deputy had prior knowledge of Mills’ suspended driver's license for a previous DUI conviction. The Deputy initiated a traffic stop on Mills' vehicle, but Mills continued to drive to his residence at 558 Grand Smokey Ct, and pulled into the driveway. The Deputy contacted Mills, advised him of why he was stopped, and conducted a Probation search of Mills vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, the Deputy located 58.8 grams net weight of methamphetamine, 26.4 grams net weight of suspected Heroin packaged for sales, 58 methadone pills, and a digital scale in a back pack on the back seat of the vehicle. Subsequent to Mills’ arrest, the Deputy located $706 cash on Mills’ person. BINTF Agents obtained a search warrant for Mills’ residence located at 558 Grand Smokey Ct, Chico. Additional indicia of drug sales and use was located inside the residence, including multiple used syringes, along with an additional $791 in cash. Deputies booked Mills into the Butte County Jail for Possession of Methamphetamine for Sales (11378 H&S), Transportation of Methamphetamine for Sales (11379 H&S), Possession of Heroin for Sales (11351 H&S), Transportation of Heroin for Sales (11352 H&S), Driving on a License Suspended for DUI (14601.2(a) VC), and Maintaining a Residence for the Sales and Use of Narcotics (11366 H&S). Mills total bail was set at $61,000.