It was evident at the September 4, 2013 school board meeting that Gridley Unified had hired an excellent Interim Principal for the high school when Evelia Genera addressed the board. “Mrs. G,” as she tells the staff and students they can call her, appreciates that students at GHS are very respectful. She is enjoying getting to know the kids and because she retired from Woodland High School (in 2012) with 1,600 students she feels she can get to know these students even better. Before she went to work at the high school in Woodland, she served as the Dean of Instruction and a Counselor/Instructor at Woodland Community College. “I've noticed no disrespect, great attitudes and it's been wonderful,” she said of her time here so far. Mrs. G started her new tenure just before Staff Development Day in August and enjoys the staff who is very committed to the students. With the Common Core, teachers are collaborating to make sure that the school is up to national Common Core standards, something all schools are striving to do. With these standards addressed, students in Gridley will be able to compete nationally. It is important that the students acquire the concepts needed to demonstrate the Common Core. Woodland High was just getting started on Common Core State Standards when she retired last year and teachers were going through staff development in the spring when she left. Once the State released the course standards districts were informed they could begin taking action understanding that there needed to be a year for transition. “Many assessments will be online and that is a nice thing that the District will get the results quickly. The turn-around time is before school is out. It will be nice that the teachers and staff will have the results sooner,” Mrs. G explained. “It is great to see the support of the parents and the staff here. “It is great that the new principal grew up here. We talk weekly and he is excited about coming back here to live and work,” she said. Joey Adame grew up in Gridley, attended Gridley and Biggs Schools and after working as a probation officer became a Gridley Police Officer in 1995. He served as the department's School Resources Officer, working with local youth. “This is a privilege to me to get out and get to know the students. There are lots of activities for the students to be involved in whether it be FFA, ASB, athletics, whatever. “Everyone pitches in here and I see great things from the Superintendent. I enjoy working with him. “It is great to see the support and collaboration between the district and the school sites. It is all very positive,” she stated. Mrs. G believes it is important to be involved in a community and is a volunteer with several groups in the Woodland area. Although she has had to back off a bit while working here, she will go back to serving her community when she leaves Gridley High in December. She loves to be outdoors and gardening at her home. She and her husband have three adult children and Mrs. G takes her parents to Mexico once a year to visit family there. The importance of education was instilled in Mrs. G early on as her parents never took her out of school to work. They wanted their children to get a formal education, not be field hands like they were. The same held true for her children who all have college degrees. “We need to encourage kids to stay in school, make sure they are ready to learn. They make the difference and we make sure they get a top notch education. It is special to be a part of that. Education is the best place to be. “I try to stress, 'Be the Best that you can be,' I know that is where Mr. Adame is coming from. He is going to be a wonderful match for the community. It is wonderful to have someone come back to where he grew up,” Mrs. G said. “There are lots of good things going on here. I hope I can make a small difference,” she said.