On September 11th, 2013, Deputies from the Butte County Sheriff's Office-Special Enforcement Unit, executed a search warrant in the 12700 block of Center Gap Road, Chico. At the residence, deputies located Cara Marie Henry (Age 32 of Chico) and Evan Douglas Anderson (Age 28 of Chico). Both were detained without incident. A search of the residence revealed a butane honey oil lab consisting of marijuana, butane, extraction tubes, coffee filters, a hot plate and a vacuum machine. Several Pyrex type dishes were located inside the house that contained butane honey oil residue. Deputies located a total of 140 grams of finished butane honey oil, 8 pounds of marijuana bud, and 10.5 pounds of marijuana bud on stem. Evidence of sales of marijuana was discovered in the form of pay and owes, scales, and one pound bags of marijuana bud contained within oven bags. A search of the property revealed 24 large marijuana plants hidden within the surrounding brush. 14 marijuana plants were located growing inside the home in rock-wool in the kitchen. Both Cara Henry and Evan Anderson were arrested for the cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and manufacturing a controlled substance (butane honey oil). It should be noted that the manufacturing of butane honey oil is extremely dangerous due to the flammability and explosive nature of butane. The manufacturing of butane honey oil has caused several fires, deaths, and injuries to people during the manufacturing process. This manufacturing process was being done in a flammable setting of dried brush and trees in Butte Creek Canyon, which put all residents of Butte Creek Canyon in danger from fire.