Butte Creek Country Club Golf Course was the scene of a great golf tournament September 9, 2013. The money raised by the tournament will be used for the new Emergency Room equipment that will make the ER even more efficient and accurate. Anyone who has been involved in preparing for a golf tournament knows how much effort it takes by a lot of people. There's no doubt about the large number of workers who put a lot of effort out to make it a great success. The Foundation gives them a lot of kudo's for all the things they did. For any big event to be a success, there has to be good leadership and this tournament had that in Sheila Ennes, Foundation Executive Director. She had to learn fast, because this was her first golf tournament, and she did such an outstanding job directing all of the things a tournament needs to have done. The Golf Committee gave her a well deserved ovation at the first meeting after the tournament. She put in many hours a day and night to put it all together. So we say, “Thank you Sheila, great job!” Another person who brought in a lot of money for the ER Champions project was Hospital CEO Wade Sturgeon. He had the task of going after sponsorships from businesses in many different places, and he certainly did a great job. He had thousands of dollars he was able to get from these businesses and their gifts were greatly appreciated. “Thank you Wade for your fine effort.” Everyone involved can have a big “pat on the back,” for all of their hard work.