The Butte Environmental Council (BEC) is excited to announce the return of RARE – The Recycling and Rubbish Education program. RARE is a Butte County funded program and after more than a year of negotiation, a proposal submission process and a vote by the Butte County Board of Supervisors, BEC was selected to carry on the successful legacy of the RARE program. BEC Board of Directors president, Mark Stemen states, “For BEC, this recycling education program takes us back to our roots. BEC started the first recycling program in Chico decades ago and now, today, it’s the perfect complement to our education efforts.” The RARE program will travel to schools throughout Butte County providing hands on, interactive workshops that emphasize the importance of the Four R’S – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (compost). RARE will also coordinate FREE fieldtrips to the landfill which will give students the profound opportunity to learn firsthand that "there is no away". Workshops may also include an activity or game which will complement the information. Compost workshops typically consist of a hands-on worm bin building exercise. Recycling workshops will focus on what’s recyclable and teach appropriate ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost. Teachers are encouraged to sign up for fieldtrips or in-class workshops starting in October. A new component of the program is to provide targeted education about the importance of recycling used motor oil with in-class presentations to high school auto shop classes. RARE will also provide recycling education and information to the general public at community fairs and festivals throughout the county. RARE Program Coordinator, Tanya Parish is thrilled to bring her educational background and passion for the environment into the classroom. She says, “When we give children meaningful, hands - on experiences within their classrooms and show them up close by visiting the local landfill, they feel connected to the bigger picture of where trash ends up. Our hope is that they then take positive steps to create a healthier and more sustainable future.” BEC Executive Director Robyn DiFalco led the program in previous years and is now very excited to get the program up and running again. Robyn states, “Recycling is one thing we can all do every day to reduce our impact on the environment and for many people, it’s the entry point to making a difference. The RARE program really fills an unmet need by providing basic education on what can be recycled and why it’s so important to reduce our waste. We’re proud that BEC has been selected to provide this service to the residents of Butte County.” For more information on the RARE program visit the BEC website at or call 530-891-6426. Contact Information: Robyn DiFalco, Executive Director Butte Environmental Council cell: (530) 588-3605 office: (530)891-6424 Email: Tanya Parish, RARE Program Coordinator Office: (530)891-6426 E-mail: