The Veatch Building in Downtown Gridley is the home of the Gridley Museum. The 104-year-old building was built to house the Gridley State Bank and later the Gridley Land and Irrigation Company. The office where the Chamber of Commerce is located to the north had been not only a real estate office and the offices of Gridley Parkside Investment Company, offices of H.C. Veatch and Duncan McCallum but also Renzie's Beauty Shop. A popular women's dress shop named after it's owner, Clarice Dukes, was downstairs for many years to the delight of the women in the area. Two Boned Associates bought the Veatch Building from the Veatch Corporation in the 1960’s and the Gridley Rotary Club in turn bought it from them in 1996. The City of Gridley bought it in 2000. For many years offices of prominent doctors, dentists and attorneys were upstairs. Doctors of the past who had their offices upstairs included: Dr. T. Ryan Block, Dr. Fruedenthal and Dr. Ida Beck who continued the practice of medicine in Gridley after the death of her husband. Later, Dr. Paul Bartschi practiced there until the early 1960's. Butte Water District was located in the downstairs in the bank building later. In recent years the upstairs has been used for storage for the Museum and the Chamber of Commerce. The plan has always been to somehow incorporate the top floor to exhibit space similar to the offices of the past. All eleven rooms are currently being repaired thanks to the previous Gridley City Council who approved that the building fund finance the renovation of this property. Hayden Leen is the contractor presently renovating the upstairs, in which all walls and ceilings have been repaired and most have been painted. The museum board is looking for donations of appropriate furniture to be used in the upstairs rooms. Be on the lookout for small vintage desks, tables and chairs.