Cami Bivert is a 46-year-old mother and grandmother who is fighting for her life with a very rare cancer. Only 500 cases of Peritoneal/mesothelioma have been diagnosed in the United States which is a form of stomach cancer. Mesothelioma cancer usually means cancer of the lungs but the Peritoneal refers to cancer in the lower part of the body, or the stomach. A special website is available for online donations in her name at She travelled to San Diego last Saturday for a scope to be used to see if all of her cancer can be removed by surgery. Once surgery was performed last March where the mass, covering her ovaries, appendix, some intestines and stomach lining were taken out Bivert said she was 25 pounds lighter. She also had two tumors, the size of a baseball and golf ball removed. Once the surgery was over, her organs were removed and this is when the rare type of cancer was discovered. She is currently traveling to UC Davis for Chemotherapy, part of a six months regimen which lasts eight hours at a time. Her Chemotherapy is given to her through a box that has to be refilled every three weeks. “I'm the first one there each time and the last one to leave,” she siad. Each session costs $10,000 and Bivert's Medi-Cal was just cancelled due to her being put on permanent social security. The disability insurance she receives is just a quarter of what she normally made before the cancer. Surgery is tentatively planned for November in San Diego to have her stomach scraped – a 10 hour surgery. She will be in ICU for two weeks and recuperate at home six to eight weeks. Bivert believes asbestos that she was around as a child may be the reason for the rare cancer. Before her diagnosis, Bivert was a bartender at the Pheasant Club in Biggs, the town she has called home for 13 years. She lives in Biggs with her daughters Charm and Lili Adkins. She also has a son Blake Cardwell who lives in Berry Creek. Her daughters are 14 and 17 years of age. Bivert has two grandsons and one granddaughter. When her story was first told in May, Bivert was worried she was going to lose her home and this fear is still uppermost in her mind as she has to spend so much on gas money to and from San Diego for treatment plus a rental car and three days in a hotel each time. Our help is needed desperately so that this family does not lose their home. Any amount will be a big help. Following her November surgery, she will try heated chemotherapy which will last 90 minutes at a time. Donation cans are in area businesses such as Fastrip and UPS Store in Gridley and AllStop Market in Biggs for help to get Bivert to her treatments.