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Provisioning for Michigan Stadium – 2013 Style
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My annual post outlining your checklist before entering Michigan Stadium on Saturday. One addition right up front this season. Thanks to my friends at MaraWatch I will be rocking this gorgeous beauty this season:
Thatís a not a mere watch, people–thatís what you call a timepiece! Details here.
Hereís what else to bring: gear_thumb 1. Radio. Forget the latest incarnation of the radio that sticks on your ear, they are unreliable. Bring in a radio you trust to listen to the play-by-play from Brandy and Beckmann on WTKA 1050AM. Youíll get injury reports, sideline observations, statistics and analysis of key plays that are under review (although Brandstatter always seems to think the replay will goes Michiganís way). You can also check out the entire pregame show and This Week in Michigan Football History as it plays. Probably most critical: with the radio in your ears you can block out the blabber from the idiot nearby who wonít shut his Twizzler hole, as he gives his personal play-by-play and screams down to the coaching staff from row 87.
2. M Lid. While not an absolute requirement, it certainly helps to keep that sun from beating down on you. For those in the North end zone or east side of the field itís critical. Especially if you are rocking my haircut.
3. Camera. You never know who youíre going to see at the game or what live action you might catch, and the zoom on your phone wonít cut it from row 68. If you get a priceless shot send it my way.
4. Tickets & Lanyard. Obviously youíll need those tickets to get in but for the big games I always try to bring in a lanyard to hold the ducats. If nothing else, it makes for easy access to display the ticket on the way back into your section. It also provides some chest coverage if you decide to peel.
5. Your Wallet. Where you keep your bread, Daddy-o. I donít care how many beers and brats your jammed in your greasy skull at the tailgate, youíll need at least a drink or two and something to eat at the game. And hey, invest $5 in a game program (or $15 for Notre Dame)- check out the history features and make women swoon.
6. Seat Cushion. It serves so many purposes. First, it marks your spot in the tight M stadium rows. Next, it provides some comfort to your bony butt. Finally, it actually gives you an extra inch of torso height above the guy in front of you—seriously. Donít think that matters? Try it sometime.
7. Phone. In case something crazy happens youíll need to call your boys. And the ďother scoresĒ communication at M stadium is lackluster at best. Youíll need your device to keep current on the big games of the day, and follow the latest tweets and Facebook blasts. (P.S. The comedy relief on Twitter during the Alabama game last year saved me and others Iím certain.)
8. Keys. While to afford entry into the Big House Iím guessing most now have keyless entry to their luxury sleds you still donít want to forget your keys. Keep them in your pocket. And P.S. ó It is still not cool to shake your keys during a ďKey Play.Ē
9. Seeds. A personal preference but I always enjoy a few seeds to help cut the tension.
10. Shades. Similar reason as the hat. If youíre in the North or East sides of the field they are mandatory. Wear them for no other reason than to hide your pickled bloodshot peepers.
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