An adrenaline pumping experience was enjoyed by many Saturday and Sunday nights at the Butte County Fair. The American made Truck derby was a favorite for many but you can't beat the sound of the cars banging into one another as the crowd roars in anticipation.

Full size 1st Russel Hatanaka $2,000.00 2nd Justin Moench $850.00 3rd Chad Clark $400.00 4th Kyle Moorehead $200.00 80's Division 1st Chris Dewey $800.00 2nd Steve Terry $400.00 3rd Darrin Williams $200.00 Sunday Derby Winners Special Event 1st Austin Emery $300.00 2nd Darren Houston $200.00 3rd Ron La Plant $100.00 Mini Compact 1st John Singh $800.00 2nd Austin Campos $400.00 3rd Tie Jose Santana and Gino  Patane (shared $200.00) Main Event  Full Size Mayhem 1st Gene Fredrick $600.00 2nd Johnny Martin $300.00 3rd Mike Charter $100.00