Artists Reception August 1; 4:30-7:00 pm 752 Plumas Street, Yuba City About Joe Reusser: Joe has been a skilled photographer for years making and selling fine art landscape images. In 2007, after a 46-year hiatus, he returned to college earning a Bachelor's Degree in photography from California State University-Sacramento. He has had exhibitions of his work in the local area and in Sacramento, and currently displays work at the Art-O-Culture Gallery in Marysville. His work is also displayed on the web at: "" Joe volunteers as a guide for the Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust where he leads interpretive hikes into the Sutter Buttes. He also volunteers in the Middle Mountain Foundation’s educational program taking groups of 3rd through 6th grade students into the Buttes on curriculum-based outings. He is a lifelong resident of the local area and when he isn’t off “traipsing” around the Sierra Nevada on backpacking trips or in the Sutter Buttes, he hangs out at home in Yuba City with his wife and trekking partner, Julie, and their two cats, Fred and Ethel. About Monica del Rio: Monica del Rio grew up on her father’s tree nursery, working alongside people from many nations in the heat, rain, and mud. She flourished at Holy Angels School and Yuba City High School where she was recognized for her artistic talent early on. Painting has been part of her whole life. She recalls Halloweens when she was chosen to paint Halloween Scenes on the stores of Plumas Street. Then as a senior in high school she had her very first show. She went on to study art at UCLA. She inherited the travel bug that she experienced as a child, always looking at and studying art process; from sea to shining sea and Nova Scotia, Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Austria and as an exchange student in high school, Sri Lanka. In Salamanca, Spain, she met her husband, Javier, married him and lived there for five years. Her son, Eduardo (also an artist) was born there. She feels that this experience opened her eyes and mind, in many ways and at many levels. She now continues her painterly creations in her haven, surrounded by almond and walnut orchards, inspired by the ebb and flow of the seasons, morning, quiet light and singing of birds, nights illuminated by huge moons, countless stars, the expanse of the universe. The quiet peace of farm life suits her contemplative nature. “Working small is new for me”, she says. “But quite revealing, especially in this close up and 3D format”. She continues to turn to images of birds and trees, flowers galore, and tractors. And always surprises. “I love to see how images overlap and mirror each other”. There is a genius cohesiveness in the organic world that thrills her and inspires much of her fluid work. “After so many years and hours of developing images it is almost as if I can watch them evolve ahead of my own hand. I feel as if I have reached a point where I am saying what I want to say and the skills don’t betray me. I am excited about how my work is developing. The images behave. I know how to do the process so I can focus on the creativity; color, value, edges and watch the particular beauty emerge. This is what I have always been working towards. It is only fitting that these boxes should first be shared with my own community, the one that has formed me. I am so happy to share this work you”.