Marvin Markle, 47, of Biggs, appeared in Butte County Superior Court Monday and was formally charged in the October 12, 2001 murder of Shirley Ann Pratt, 41, of Biggs. Judge Michael Deems set bail at $2 million and Markle set for arraignment for Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Markle entered a not guilty plea in Judge James Reilly's courtroom with Judge Reilly continuing the bail at $2 million. A Preliminary Hearing will be held Wednesday, August 7 at 8:30 a.m. Markle had been serving a 90 day sentence for probation violation and was charged in the 12 year old murder on July 18, 2013. Pratt's body was found at the Oroville Wildlife Area by a fisherman at the east end of Vance Avenue. She had been shot in the head. Markle has been considered a person of interest in this case since 2002. A wooden cross that had been placed by a friend or family member 12 years ago was recently removed and all that remains now are the flowers that Mary Borchers of Vacaville left on Monday, the day of Markle's court appearance. Borcher's best friend DeAnna Johnson was killed at the age of 14 in Vacaville in 1981 and Markle, or “Ziggy” as he was known then, is a person of interest in this case. Vacaville Police and the Butte County Sheriff's Department have been in contact for several years in the hopes of coming to a conclusion for these two murders.