A fire gutted the interior of the concession stand at the Kerr McGee Youth Sports Complex on Downs Street early Sunday morning.

A fire gutted the interior of the concession stand at the Kerr McGee Youth Sports Complex on Downs Street early Sunday morning. A

According to Parks and Recreation Director Jim Ponek, RPD is investigating the matters.

The building caught fire at approximately 3:30 a.m Sunday.

"It sounds like everything was lost in the building," Ponek said.

Ponek said his information was limited due to being out of town for the weekend.

A building next to Mather Dairy Service, across the street from the Kerr McGee Sports Complex, was also set on fire.

RPD confirmed Sunday afternoon that both structures were purposefully set and would be investigated as arson. However, the RPD watch commander said the matter was still under investigation.

Numerous things were destroyed in the back of the building and on its second story, according to Robert Look, IWV Youth Baseball League President and IWV Youth Football League Vice President.

Cheer mats that were relatively new, cheer uniforms and the public announcement system were lost, Look said.

In addition to 60 bags of equipment that included catcher's gear, baseball bats, baseball gloves and numerous baseballs, helmets, and all-star jerseys. Memorabilia from past games, including photographs of past champions and all-star banners have been lost as well.

"We're going to have to purchase all new equipment for baseball, and that doesn't even include the memorabilia that can't be replaced," Look told The Daily Independent Sunday.

Look said that they may be able to salvage some things from the snack bar. The hot dog machine and soda and ice machines, and refrigerator could be salvageable.

Look later added that IWV Youth Baseball's loss may be an estimated $40,000, with an additional $20,000 in loss to the IWV Youth Football and Cheer.

According to a Kern County Fire Department news release, both buildings were fully engulfed when fire engines arrived on scene.

"Firefighters placed a ladder in the second story window and began attacking the fire from the outside," KCFD reported in its news release.

Both blazes took approximately 40 minutes to extinguish, and Kern Count Fire is estimating $200,000 in damage for both structures. Approximately $50,000 is estimated to be saved between the two structures.

"The fire destroyed the top floor of the building (concession stand) while the first floor only sustained moderate water damage from the firefight above," stated the news release.

According to Kern County Fire, a fire investigator was called to the scene to determine the fire's cause.

According to Kern County Fire, RPD and China Lake Fire Department assisted.

The Daily Independent will update as it learns more.