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The Pro Football Hall of Fame is kickin' it at this year's enshrinement festival. 50 year celebration!
Many come from far away and just around the corner for the 19 events that take place over two weeks of the enshrinement festival.
NOTE: For 2013 the PFHOF festival will begin July 19 and runs through Aug. 6 for future years check the website http://www.profootballhoffestival.com/.
Aside from the enshrinement--some of the most popular events run from July 19 - 21. The Balloon classic-Jackson-Belden Food Fest and Fireworks. It is held at the campuses of Kent State University at Stark and Stark State College.
Enshrinement Festival Balloon ClassicBring your chairs, blankets and get there early to claim you spot to watch the more than 60 balloons on takeoff. You will find plenty of children's entertainment, food, tours, music, fireworks and more. It is a great family event.
There is more at stake than fun. It is a competition...a sport! More than half of the balloons are competing for money. They are shooting for targets, dropping weighted baggies to the target on the ground. Winning can come down to a millimeter.
With so many activities scheduled there is something for everyone! Visit www.profootballhoffestival.com/schedule for event schedules and http://writetravels.blogspot.com/2012/07/football-fansthis-is-big-event.html and http://writetravels.blogspot.com/2012/07/more-football-festivities.html for more information.

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