In over 50 years as a teacher, I have had many people that I had such a high regard for. People who, because of circumstances in their lives, overcame what could have been a tough existence. They learned that with hard work and putting hard work into their lives, they were able to make life a real positive thing. I now have a person who fits this category, and someone that I am so proud of. She is Melissa Sandoval, who works in the Gridley Safeway Deli and in the Gridley Dollar Store. She needed to have two jobs to help take care of her two young boys. Her pride kept her from trying to get government help, and this is what made me want people to know about this fine person. To add to her income, Melissa took classes at Michaels to learn how to decorate cakes and this has added another way of making money to support her family. She has a great ability to make cupcakes, birthday cakes, quincenera cakes, baby shower cakes and wedding cakes. So you see why I am so proud of her. Melissa is such a nice person, and has a perpetual smile for her customers. I am hoping when you read this, you will go to the Safeway Deli and meet her. If you need baked items, Melissa will give you a product that will impress you and your friends. With this you will help a mother to do the best things for her two boys.