Typical for a day in the life of a newspaper publisher, you never know who or what is going to walk through your door or email you on a certain topic. Meeting John Elgaaen was a real eye-opener and pleasure as he explained his life and the many experiences he has had over the years regarding paranormal experiences. Many of us have probably encountered one or two experiences where we would question our ability to predict things or see into the future. Elgaaen's sixth sense inspired him to tell his life experiences dating back to a small baby. It is positive, upbeat and God-centered. He has connections with the high realms of energy light that exist beyond Earth and in the book, “Connected by The Light,” explains that all of us can increase this light connection into our lives. Readers have written very favorable comments on Amazon.com, calling it a “work of art” and “extremely fascinating.” The book is in worldwide distribution at 25,000 locations released by Balboa Press, a company that Elgaaen praises highly. “It is quite an education to promote a book,” he explained. With 64,000 words, the book was completed in just four months, something Elgaaen had strived for. He was able to design the front and back covers and even chose the fonts and font sizes. The book is interesting for all age groups according to Elgaaen. Elgaaen is currently working on a website for the book and hopes to have it up and running in the next couple of weeks. “The book helps to clarify the personal relationship I have between the physical and spiritual sides of life, as well as my connection with the higher realms of light,” Elgaaen stated. This book has a central, underlying theme – all of us have a natural, inherent connection to the energies of light that exist beyond our earth plane according to Elgaaen. “These elevated energies are composed of everything good and pure, and they are there for the taking,” he said. “This book is written for all of those interested in learning more about the captivating and awe-inspiring energies of life that exist in the sixth sense world, Heaven and beyond,” Elgaaen stated. “Connected by The Light,” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Balboa Press Book Store at www.balboapress.com, numerous online e-book stores and local bookstores. “We can use these positive, uplifting energies in our everyday lives, which can help give us strength and support as we face our daily challenges here on Earth,” Elgaaen said. One review on Amazon.com reads: “A book full of intrigue...if you have allowed yourself to be put off by the words “psychic” ability, please reconsider..this is an educational tool on the intricacies of premonitions and clairvoyance and, at the same time, an offering of knowledge. As a natural psychic, the author writes, in his natural way, about his own experiences in the physical and astral plane. The book will most definitely enrich your knowledge on the subject and sharpen your awareness. John Elgaaen has lived in Gridley over 25 years and can be reached at johnelgaaen@msn.com