Memorial Day Services at the Military Veterans Court of Honor at the Gridley-Biggs Cemetery Monday included featured speaker Carl “Butch” Frederickson who spoke on his two tours to Vietnam. His speech was entitled “Vietnam, A Generation Divided, to a Nation United for Freedom.”

Carl “Butch” Frederickson has participated in the Memorial Day Services in Gridley for many years representing the Vietnam Veterans Organization of which he currently serves as President. Frederickson was the featured keynote speaker on Monday in front of hundreds where he spoke on “Vietnam, A Generation Divided, to A Nation United for Freedom.” His speech moved many, but especially those who had served in Vietnam. Frederickson himself spent two tours there and received a standing ovation for his heartfelt words. This day was a time to honor those who sacrificed their lives in war. It is also a time for reflection and a sacred day to all war veterans. Memorial Day must be commemorated, for sacrifice is meaningless without remembrance. This nation mourns the loss of all Americans who died defending their country throughout the world since 1775. These men and women remain mostly anonymous except to the families that loved them. They came from all walks of life and regions of the country. But they had one thing in common: love of and loyalty to their country. The Gridley High School Band began the 10 a.m., service with a musical prelude as Col. Otto Behunin, USAF, (retired), began the proceedings as Master of Ceremonies. Kari Wheeler sang the National Anthem beautifully and was followed by Father Avram Brown of Sacred Heart Catholic Church who gave the invocation. Mayor Roger Frith of Biggs and Mayor Jeff Draper of Gridley gave the address of welcome before Biggs High School students Becka Sears and Andrew Perez spoke on “Why I Love America.” Miss Teen Butte County Brianna Brockman sang “God Bless America,” which seems like such a breeze for this very talented girl. Commemorative tributes were done by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5731 and Ladies Auxiliary, American Legion Post 210 and Ladies Auxiliary, Military Officers Association of America and the Vietnam Veterans Organization. ... ... For the rest of the story, subscribe to the Gridley Herald by calling (530) 846-3661 or pick up a copy of the May 31, 2013 issue of the Gridley Herald.