Biggs Elementary School Students of the Month for March, April, and May; Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade: Alina Anguiano, Matthew Martin, Hope Osborne, David Ibarra, Kyleigh Cunningham, and Garrett Francis from Mrs. Ruttenburg’s Kindergarten class. Tony Ramirez, Jazmin Ibarra, Essence Vastine, and Angelo Aguirre from Mrs. Hansen’s K/1st grade class. Matthew Munanui, Emilia Talley, and Mia Clemons from Mrs. Hamblin’s 1st grade class. Brianna Rodriguez, Alexis Mendoza, Miguel Solorio, and Brynlee LaViolette from Mrs. Holt’s 2nd grade class. Rosendo Castaneda and Alexia Gutierrez from Mrs. O’Brien’s 2nd/3rd class Tommy Brown, Marco Sanchez, Jocelyn Gonzalez, Mikayla Boelman, Marissa Rodriguez, Melina Mize, and Connor Turk from Mrs. Loftin’s 3rd grade class 4th and 5th Grade Karla Vera, Elaine Vera Aguilera, and Daniel Santillan from Mrs. Siegall’s 4th grade class Emma Hudson, Jazzmine Velazquez, Joe Melendez, and Ryan Sherron from Mrs. Locey’s 4/5th grade class Angel Alvarez, Joelle Proper, and Mariana Tinoco from Mr. Solis’s 5th grade class 6th through 8th Grade Ciera VanQuick, Molly Roles, Dayton Nuchols, Jamie McEntire, Angel Sanchez, and Courtney Thompson from Mr. Gates 6th grade class Manuel Caballero, Jennifer Morfin, and Renee Brown from Mrs. Bridges’ 6/7th grade class Monico Rodriguez, Gordy Melendez, Claire Sheppard, Renee Brown, and Bryce Scott from Mrs. Moore’s 7th grade class Ben Solansky, Elizabeth Esquer, Andrea Farfan, Bailee Roles, Eloy Ibarra, Luis Gonzalez, Samantha Aguilar, and Adriana Fargoso from Mrs. Francis’s 8th grade class