Two new champions were crowned over the weekend at the sixth showing of Nor Cal Combat.

Two new champions were crowned over the weekend at the sixth showing of Nor Cal Combat. Just seconds into the first round, Edgar Loza (4-1-1) landed a massive right hook to the head of Jarred Allen (2-2). Loza backed away to allow Allen to get back up only to land another crushing right hook to Allen’s face, knocking him down for a second time. After only 29 seconds into the first round, Loza was declared victorious by TKO, and named the new—and first—NCC featherweight champion. Jason Powell picked up a victory after landing a head kick 50 seconds into the second round, naming him the first NCC lightweight champion after a TKO over Cameron Wright. Local favorite Joe Ruggirello of Team Byrne improved his record to 3-1 after a second round TKO over Cory Carrino in the bantamweight division. Johnny Terry, also a local product, shared the spotlight with his teammate. Terry dominated his opponent Travis Whitley the entire match—until having to be pulled off his opponent 40 seconds into the second round—and brought Team Byrne another victory by TKO. Nor Cal Combat’s first female fight, and NCC VI Fight of the Night, between Melissa Young from Ultimate Street Fighters and Gabriela Rios of Kibba-Rios went the full three rounds, with Young coming out victorious over Rios by a split decision. Nor Cal Combat has big plans for the future. They are currently in the process of developing their women’s division and filling it with more weight classes, as well as adding a heavyweight class to the men’s division. Nor Cal Combat will return to Gridley on August 23 when it headlines the Butte County Fair for the seventh episode. During last year’s fair, approximately 1500 spectators attended the event—making it one of the largest amateur MMA events on the West Coast.