Scott Perkins has been named the new CEO of the Butte County Fair and started his new job last week. (Photo by Lisa Van De Hey)

Butte County Fair has new CEO

 As the new CEO of the Butte County Fair, Scott Perkins knows he doesn't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to running the fairgrounds.

Perkins grew up in Oroville, graduated from Oroville High in 1990 and is very familiar with the local fair having visited many times.

He has family members who have worked at RCBS in Oroville and he has fond memories of attending their annual picnics at the fairgrounds here.

Perkins' past work experience includes Yuba County and Roseville where his background in engineering came in very handy. He worked in land development for Teichert Construction for five years in Woodland before going out on his own.

He and his wife Holly moved back to their hometown of Oroville in 2008 and are happy to be back. He is a member of the Oroville Noon Rotary Club. They have three children ages eight, six and three.

Holly's father, Ron Anderson was a golf pro at Table Mountain, Plumas Lake and Kelly Ridge Golf Courses.

Perkins worked for Feather River Parks and Recreation most recently as the General Manager/CEO and knows a lot about budgets as their budget is $4 million compared to the $1 million budget of the fair.

“They are similar budgets even though the amounts are so different,” he explained.

Perkins wants to bring a more private business thought process to the every day functioning of the fair which he feels will be less government-like in order to sustain itself.

Of course part of that is attracting more people, more events with networking and marketing, something he learned a lot about as a Real Estate Broker in the past.

“There is so much opportunity to re-engage with the private and public sector, to bring a lot of energy while creating more for the City. The more people we can attract, more economic development, it is better for the City,” Perkins stated.

Perkins is excited about the upcoming Butte County Farm Expo to be held for the first time at the fairgrounds June 27 – 29, 2013.

This will be a free admission event with plenty of vendors and food. The fair is looking for anyone who grows nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables. It is chance for those who grow the products to the people who distribute to present all aspects of farming in Butte County and surrounding area.

Perkins is also impressed with the Friends of the Fair opportunity which is a great deal for people who are committed to the success of the fair and can pay $150 to become a “Friend.”

Friends of the Fair receive two adult season passes, two children's season passes, two souvenir Butte County hats and two shirts only offered to those who are “Friends,” along with their name on sandwich boards at both entrance gates.

This year's fair will be August 22-25, 2013.

“I would like to thank the fair board for their  faith in me and I appreciate this great opportunity,” Perkins said.