Following a Magnolia Street resident complaining about the condition of the west end of Magnolia Street between Randolph and Indiana Streets, another resident complained that City Administrator Rob Hickey was approved for a raise when the City's streets are in such bad condition. (Photo by Lisa Van De Hey)

Despite Gridley Councilman Frank Hall's disapproval of an amended contract of employment for City Administrator Rob Hickey at the January 7, 2013 Council meeting, fellow council members approved the contract Monday night with a 4-1 vote.

Hall's three concerns pointed out at the January meeting were the $400 per month auto allowance, the $100 cell phone allowance and a six month's severance package. All three remained as is on the contract approved Monday night.

Residents and business owners Keith and Peggy Harshbarger each spoke with concerns for the increase in wages.

"If I understand correctly, once you gave Police Chief Keeler a raise you had to give Rob a retroactive increase. In addition to a raise, you are voting to give him $4,800 for mileage per year and $1,200 for his cell phone," she stated.

The resolution passed on October 14, 2012 adjusted compensation for management, mid-management and confidential employees. Adjustments approved at that meeting were: One percent salary increase in each year of the two year contract; employees began to pay their seven percent Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) retirement contribution costs (Safety nine percent); the City agreed to swap seven percent (Safety 9 percent) employee portion of the PERS contribution it has paid on behalf of the employee to the employee, who will then be responsible for all current and future employee portion contributions.

This resolution adjusted the next closest salary class to the Administrator upward by ten percent, Police Chief Gary Keeler as mentioned during the meeting.

Compensation benefits as Section 6 of the City Administrator's agreement states, "...The City Administrator salary shall be adjusted anytime the Management Group base salary is adjusted by the City Council with the same effective date in order to maintain adequate salary differentials."

The differential before Resolution 2012-R-045 was 4.32 percent and an 11 percent adjustment would bring the differential back up to 4.24 percent. The amended and restated agreement between the City and the City Administrator will require the City Administrator to pay the full seven percent employee share.

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