Lynn Moyle has retired from Gridley Block Funeral Home, again, after 36 years working here as a mortician. (Photo by Lisa Van De Hey)

It is hard to imagine someone retiring from a profession and then returning just a short time later to continue doing the same profession you have done for many years. Or is it?

Lynn Moyle has been in the funeral business since he was 21 years old. It was a minister in Lake Tahoe who didn't approve of this 21-year-old spending his days as a busboy at a gambling casino who changed his life. He took young Lynn to Carson City and introduced him to a mortician and the new career had begun. Although his parents thought he was crazy, Moyle went to San Francisco Mortuary College which had a 12 month course at that time. It is now a 24 month course. He completed his two year apprenticeship in San Jose. In his 70 years, Moyle has only had one other job besides a mortician, that of the busboy.

Once he completed his apprenticeship, Moyle lived in Los Angeles for three years and San Mateo for eight.

Gridley has been lucky enough to have Moyle here 36 years taking care of the needs of thousands of families, touching many people's lives. He has been there when people needed a friendly smile the most, not to mention the compassion he shared not only at the time of the loss of a loved one but in the days following too.

He went into business for himself because he wanted to be able to do things his way and treat people the way they should be treated. For 36 years he did just that and families are forever grateful for the kind, compassionate care they received from Moyle.

When Moyle had open heart surgery in 2005 he heard from many of these people who continue to call and check on him. It is because of his health that he has retired as of last Friday.

Working with Funeral Arranger Matt Squires the past 12 years has been a joy for Moyle and this friendship will continue although they won't be seeing each other every day.

"People are now asking for Matt to help when a family member has died and that makes me feel good," Moyle stated. Squires is another kind, compassionate person who is great comfort for grieving families. Squires has taken over the reins over the years for Owner/Funeral Director Eric Ramsey and Moyle knows the business he once owned is in good hands.

"I've reached the stage where I'm tired. Let somebody else do it. Let the young people get their chance," he stated.

It all started in Gridley when Moyle bought Block Funeral Home, located at the corner of Ohio and Sycamore from Bill Manes. Bob Sherer bought Gridley Chapel from Eleanor Macey where Gridley-Block now stands and Moyle bought Sherer out in 1980 after being in partnership with him. Block Funeral's location was shut down and Gridley-Block Funeral Chapel was formed. Block Funeral Home had served the families in this area since 1949. Gridley Funeral has been in business since 1889, making it the second oldest business in Gridley, the newspaper being the oldest.

For the rest of this story, please pick up a 1/25/13 edition of The Gridley Herald.