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Night Walks
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By Cody Lakin
Cody Lakin blogs about life in small town Mount Shasta as a highschooler and aspiring horror novelist, talking about various aspects of life, such as influences from music, literature, and other people.
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By Cody Lakin Lakin
Jan. 13, 2013 4:08 p.m.

A while ago (before it started getting too cold) I decided that going out at night for a walk seemed like a pleasant sort of idea. Sometimes, the routine and sameness of doing the same thing over and over again can get a little frustrating, even maddening, and I felt like doing something different, thus came about the idea of taking a walk at night. I remember debating it for a time, weighing the pros and the cons, how scary it was versus how nice it would probably be, and one night, decided to give it a try.
As one could imagine, once I did it--simple a thing as it may be--I wondered why in the world I hadn't done it before. There's something indescribably calming, and pleasant and simply peaceful about being out under the stars, in the silence. And while out there I couldn't help but feel that unique sort of childish excitement knowing that everyone else was in their homes, while I was out in the dark and they could have no idea.
Since then, even when it's particularly cold out as it has been recently, I take as many walks at night as possible. It is a very nice experience, almost worth calling therapeutic. And there's nothing like looking up at the stars and realizing how small you really are to help put any situation in life into a special perspective. Though, as a personal thing (the result of an inside joke with a close friend), I also look up at the stars and smile and sometimes even laugh, which of course only adds to the contentment of those walks at night.
So to anyone in need of perspective, time for reflection, or something simple to stimulate the senses so to speak (as a walk at night can be frightening, which I've always found fun and refreshing), or even just a different kind of experience, I advise taking a walk out at night every now and then, whether alone or with someone--a friend, a family member, any sort of companion. It's worth a try!

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