Mrs. Tammie Loftin's third graders are learning about dinosaurs and have included other classes to see their work. (Photo provided)

Mrs. Loftin has been very involved in the teaching of science, each afternoon with the third grade children at Biggs Elementary School. The English Language Development (ELD) rotation schedule has allowed Mrs. Loftin to not only bring this educational opportunity to her own class, but to all of the third graders in the school.

One of the more recent studies involved learning about the Mesozoic Era, and the dinosaurs that lived during this 100 million year time span. The children learned important facts about a particular dinosaur, experienced a dinosaur dig, then wrote a report and made a diorama to showcase their knowledge of the habitat, enemies, life span and eventual extinction of these enormous creatures.

When the children completed their work, other classes were invited to come see the colorful dioramas, while her students served as anthropology experts, explaining their new found knowledge about the various dinosaurs. The entire exhibit was a wonderful learning experience.

Mrs. Loftin also taught the 3rd graders about the various layers of the human body. They learned about the muscles, bones, vital organs and the circulatory system. It was a fascinating discovery for all, and a wonderful writing opportunity. Congratulations Mrs. Loftin, for making afternoon science come alive!