Wilma Storne is pictured with Biggs-Gridley Memorial Hospital CEO Wade Sturgeon at her retirement luncheon held last week at the hospital. (Photo by Lisa Van De Hey)

The end of 2012 also meant the end of a 55 year nursing career for Wilma Storne, RN, CCM of Gridley. Working at Biggs-Gridley Memorial Hospital since 1993, Storne has made many friends along the way who will all miss her smiling face each day.

The CCM behind her name stands for Certified Case Manager which is a National award that she received November 2011.

Her early days of employment included an inservice program at a State Hospital in Central California as a Psychiatric RN for two years and at an Idaho Hospital in a private Alcohol and Drug Rehab program. In Denver, CO, Storne worked at an Emergency Department so large it had over 100 beds. She worked as a Psychiatric Technician after graduating from Modesto Jr. College, with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She received her Masters Degree in Business which lead to working for food processors in risk management. She was the company nurse at three facilities.

Storne was honored by the National Association of Professional Women for 2011-2012.

Storne worked at BGMH as Utilization Review and Discharge Planner and it was her job to review all denials from insurance companies and review medical charts so that charges don't get denied.

She and her husband Jack no doubt have some trips planned in the near future. Many congratulations Wilma!