Retired McKinley School Principal Gerald Slagle and his wife Delores visited Wilson School to spend time with their great-granddaughter Lana Quist. (Photo by Lisa Van De Hey)

National Grandparents Day was celebrated last Tuesday at Wilson Elementary School with grandparents and great-grandparents filling the cafeteria before heading out to their grandchildren's classrooms to partake in some projects themselves.

It is obvious that Principal Chris McIntire enjoys this day, the sixth annual commemorated by the school, which was the idea of retired teacher Joann Hamman who was in attendance with her husband Larry to spend some time with granddaughters Madeline and Becca.

Great-Grandpa Chuck Roberts came to visit his great-grandson Samuel Vallejo's Room one classroom where Miss Hardcastle teaches the second grade.

Many different, fun projects were being done by the students with their grandparents, including a second grade class that made “I'm Thankful For,” books.

"We love the children dearly and have very high admiration for them. Our elementary school is one of the top in the State if you were to check by ethnicity. Our kindergarten through third grade classes have 20 to 22 children, in comparison to Chico or Live Oak who has 30-32 per class,” Mr. McIntire told the grandparents and great-grandparents.

Wilson Elementary has 630 students in the second through fifth grades and Mr. McIntire has served as Principal at both McKinley and Wilson the past five years.