District 4 State Senate candidate Dan Logue announced this afternoon that he’s decided to drop out of the election for health reasons.

He will continue as a candidate for State Assembly District 3, a position in which he currently serves, Logue states in an Oct. 8 press release.

Logue said has been on some antibiotics that damaged his kidneys, and doctors said if he doesn’t rest for six weeks, he could do severe damage, he said.

With Logue out of the race, the candidates for the District 4 State Senate seat are Republican Jim Nielsen, Democrat Michael “Mickey” Harrington, and Dan Levine, Jann Reed and Benjamin “Ben” Emery, who have no party preference.

The District 4 Senate seat is on the ballot in as part of a special election that became necessary after Doug LaMalfa resigned as District 4 State Senator Aug. 31, according to Siskiyou County Clerk Colleen Setzer.

Though Siskiyou County is not part of District 4, residents will still cast their vote because Siskiyou County was in Senate District 4 at the time LaMalfa’s office was originally voted on, Setzer said.