BROWN FAMILY HONORED BY KALEIDOSCOPE - Dr. Jim and Carol Brown are pictured with their children following an award bestowed on the family for their contributions over the years providing beautiful music for the enjoyment of others. Front row: Carol, Janae, Christine, Julie. Back row:  Dr. Jim Brown, James and Jesse. (Photo provided)

Carol Brown, wife of Dr. Jim Brown, and the Brown children were recognized at Kaleidoscope's annual membership dinner, where they received the " Artists of the Year Award" for 2012.
Carol, a pianist and vocalist, also plays numerous orchestra instruments. The children, Jennifer, Christine, Chandra, James, Jacob, Cathrine, Janae, Jesse and Julie are all accomplished string musicians. For many years, Carol and the children have freely shared their musical talents, as a string ensemble, at weddings, funerals, programs, benefits, and church services in the community.
Dr. Brown commented that while in Medical School, they started their first child with the Suzuki Violin Method at age two. As the other children came along, they each learned to play the violin. At times they had formal training, but are mostly self taught, with some instruction from their Mother.
Carol conducted the orchestra Saturday night, consisting of musicians from the area, including four of her children.
The audience enjoyed the orchestra and the remarkable young concert pianist, Niko Alino. Those attending were invited to view the outstanding colors, shapes and styles of the Sutherland Glass Art.
The Kaleidoscope board extends their appreciation to all who attended the event and freely gave in support of the arts.
Kaleidoscope is a local arts council, made up of volunteers, who work to promote and support the arts in the area.