LODI ENERGY CENTER HONORS BIGGS - As a member of the NCPA, the City of Biggs received recognition at the Grand Opening held at the Lodi Energy Center August 10, 2012. Mayor Roger Frith (left) serves as the City's Energy Commissioner and attended the opening and is pictured with City Administrator Mark Sorensen and Don Damon of NCPA. (Photo by Lisa Van De Hey)

City of Biggs Council members agreed unanimously Tuesday in the hiring of Chico City Council member Mark Sorensen as their City Administrator. Tom Lando has served as interim City Administrator since the resigning of Pete Carr May 23, 2012.
    Lando had been hired to recruit for the job and five people were interviewed out of the 24 candidates. Sorensen has been hired at $79,000 per year with a $80 cell phone allowance per month.
    Sorensen will begin his new job August 21, 2012 and Mayor Roger Frith stated he was thrilled with Sorensen's financial background.
    Susan Adams and Jack Kestor of SCORE, Small Cities Organized Risk Effort, presented a report to explain the City's $11,000 amount due July 1 for the fiscal year.
    Council members approved a resolution showing support for the placement of a proposal to extend the Butte County Abandoned Vehicle Program (AVA) on the November 6, 2012 General Election ballot. Formed in 2003, the program authorized the imposition of a fee on vehicles in Butte County used exclusively for the abatement, removal and disposal  of any abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicle parts as public nuisances, on private or public property, to combat neighborhood blight and decay. The AVA abated approximately 5,596 abandoned vehicles in Butte County since it's inception in 2003.
    With the deteriorating of the Sixth Street sewer near Bannock Street Council members heard a presentation by City Planner Scott Friend and Public Works Superintendent Paul Pratt and voted to hire Duke Sherwood Construction to replace the sewer, with the lowest bid submitted.
    The committee appointed to discuss sewer rates and work on the sewer plant met with City Engineer Steve Speights and heard a good report from him explaining that the group needed to look at private funds being used versus State Fund monies. The committee will meet again Wednesday, August 22, 2012. For the rest of this story, please pick up a 8/17/12 edition of The Gridley Herald.