Mindy King is the new Principal at Biggs and Richvale Elementary Schools and is looking forward to many positive changes.

Today is the first day of school in Biggs and Richvale. Children are arriving either excited about being back to school after the summer break or possibly apprehensive, especially kindergartners. It's a time for new instruction, new friends and furthering their education.
    It is also a first day with Mindy (Byrne) King as Principal, although she officially began July 2, 2012.
    King taught in the Gridley Unified School District, 13 years in Sycamore Middle School and three years at Wilson Elementary. Her welcoming smile has already lit up the hallways of Biggs Elementary and it is hard not to notice the new beginning forming there. Parents are so excited, they are stopping by to meet her, some coming more than once and children could be seen riding their bikes around the grounds last week in anticipation of the big day.
    King wants the public to be aware of the positive changes going on. Apparently the word already spread because as of last Friday, 39 new students had been enrolled to start today. No doubt that number will increase further as parents hear of the school's successes.
    The master schedule has been changed to implement the Direct Instruction Reading Program for the K-8 schools in addition to core reading curriculum. These programs are already in place and with the Direct Instruction Reading Program kids will be grouped in their instruction ability levels. The Saxon Math Program is being introduced to teach students K-8.
    Students who are ESL, English as a Second Language, will be receiving a triple dose of education every day because of these new programs.
    On August 27-29, staff development will be held for reading and following that,  training for the Saxon Math Program.
    "The big picture is that we are looking at the entire instructional career, K-8," King said. For the rest of this story, please pick up a 8/15/12 edition of The Gridley Herald.