Brennah Payne competes in the 1600 meters at the Nor-Cal Championships. While starting slowly here during the first lap, Payne would move up and finish fourth, medaling in the event as a freshman.

As senior shot-putter Ryan Donnahoe heads off to continue his stellar career in college, the Gridley track and field has other athletes which will continue to keep the Bulldog banner in the headlines for years to come. Two freshmen joined Donnahoe on the medalist stand, a proud accomplishment for the two young athletes.
    Marisela Cardenas, fresh off her shot-put win in the Division II Championships, finished third with a personal best throw of 36' 8.25”. However, Marisela is beginning to set lofty goals, and by the look on her face after her season-best performance, the young thrower is far from satisfied.
    “I could have thrown better,” said Cardenas.
    She immediately made plans with Coach Nichols to begin working towards next season, which will include time in the weight room, along with working with Coach Roach on changing her mechanics for next season. If the look of grim determination which showed on her face is an indication, throwers in the Northern Section had best look out in the next few years, because this young lady has some serious payback in mind.
    Also taking a medal was freshman Brennah Payne in the 1600 meters. Watching Brennah run it looks as if she is a fifth grader running with seniors. While the other seven qualifiers in the event had an average height of around 5'7” Brennah fails to reach her competitors shoulders. However, once the race begins, the diminutive waif with the long ponytail and oval glasses competes with the heart twice the size of her body. You can read the rest of the story is the 6-1-12 edition of The Gridley Herald. Support us by subscribing so we can continue to bring you your Local News. 6 month Subscription for only $25 and we'll give you a $25 gift certificate for dinner for two. 846-3661