Winners of last years MLB Pitch, Hit, and Run competition hosted by the Gridley Rec. Dept. In the 7-8 year old boys division the All-Around winner was Brennan Tarzain, Pitching Champion was Jayden Punzo, Hitting Champion was Christopher Key, and the Running Champion was Brennan Tarzain.

    In the 9-10 division, the All-Around Winner was Omar Mosqueda, who was also the Pitching Champion, and Monico Rodriguez was the Hitting and Running Champion.

The Gridley Recreation Department in conjunction with Major League baseball will be hosting the 2012 Pitch, Hit, and Run Sunday, April 29, at 1 pm for both boys and girls. There is no cost to compete in this event. If you want to test your skills against the local talent, head out to the major field at Vierra Park.

Two current major leaguers, Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals, and Chris Parmalee of the Minnesota Twins are alums of the MLB Pitch, Hit, and Run contest who have gone on to play in the big leagues.

Boys and girls age 7-14 compete separately and participants have the opportunity to compete in four levels of competition including Locals, Sectionals, Team Championships, and the National Finals at the MLB All-Star Game. The cut-off is July 17 of this year to determine the age group for your child. For more information and to sign-up call the Gridley Rec. Dept. at 846-3264.