Everyone reacts to stress differently-Bulldog pitcher Fraine Cox (kneeling on the mound after her final warm-up pitch,) seems to need a moment to gather herself, while third baseman Madison Mardesich is all smiles, (and who wouldn't be after hitting a home run) in the seventh inning of Gridley's 11-7 win over the visiting Sutter Huskies at Gridley High School. The win was the first for Gridley over Sutter in many years.

The Gridley Bulldog softball team has had to take a backseat to the Sutter Huskies in Butte View League play for many years. While the Huskies have become one of the top programs in the Northern Section, and along with Wheatland have staked a claim as the dominant Division IV program going. Change is inevitable in sports, and dominance is usually cyclical. However, it has been many years since Gridley has had a team which could match the level of Sutter.
    After dropping their first game against Sutter Tuesday 10-0 in a run-shortened affair, Gridley coach Elmer Brock sat his charges down at practice and talked to them about their abilities, and how they have to believe they can beat a team like Sutter if they are ever going to accomplish the task.
The players received the message loud and clear.
    The Bulldogs definitely picked up their level of play, and showing the kind of play Brock has always believed they could produce Gridley matched Sutter hit-for-hit, play-for-play, and when the dust had settled at the end of seven hard-fought innings, the Bulldogs had pulled out a well-deserved 11-9 win to snap a losing streak which dates so far back no one can remember the last time the Bulldogs had defeated the Huskies. For the full story pick up a 4/11/12 edition of The Gridley Herald. Never miss a score with a subscription today! 846-3661.